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Travel Theme: Dry

Chicago is getting hit with yet another winter storm, just when it was starting to warm up. And by warm I mean get above 0 degrees. It’s time to ignore the flurries outside my window because this week’s travel theme is DRY. Hyde Park  |  London  |  2009 […]

Travel Theme: Short

This week’s Travel Theme is all about things that are SHORT. While searching through my photos I realized the majority of them were of things that are tall or extraordinarily large so I’ll stick to the theme and keep this post short by only sharing a few. Short […]

Travel Theme: Connections

This week’s Travel Theme, and my first Travel Theme post, is Connections. Family Connections: My very lucky family in Barcelona (2011) Literal Travel Connection: Tower Bridge in London (2009) Best Friend Connection: Sam – > Me -> Lindsay in Paris (2013) Historical Connection: Sharing a rare birthday with someone […]