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Kentucky Derby 2014 | Suitcasey

Hello again! It’s been way too long since I’ve shared a travel story. I won’t say that my attempt at the Take 12 Trips Challenge was a complete failure, just that I took a three-month hiatus. I’m going to use a lame excuse and blame my busy work schedule […]

Take 12 Trips Challenge: November

November was the first full month since my commitment to the Take 12 Trips Challenge and of course it was a month of complete madness. I started a new job with a Chicago sports team and I’ve been balancing the unemployed-to-fulltime transition with a heavy addiction to college […]

The ‘Take 12 Trips’ Challenge

In 2013, I have been making an effort to travel more and and try new things.  It started with an impromptu trip to New Orleans the first week of January and escalated to a two-week adventure in Europe and the beginnings of this blog. Although I’ve traveled more miles […]