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Campervan Packing List

In a few hours I’ll be embarking on an 11-day campervan road trip with my boyfriend Glenn and dog Audi. EEK! Nothing left to do now but be extremely Type A by checking and rechecking everything we’ve packed. We are renting a small van conversion from Voyager Campervans in […]

11-day Vanlife Experiment

If you’re into following travel accounts on social media (you’re following this blog, so I’m assuming you are somewhat familiar) you may have noticed the trend of people living in vans. It’s known as #Vanlife. Vanlifers live out of camper vans or vehicles that have been converted into […]

Solo Camping Trip | Suitcasey

“A woman camping in the middle of nowhere by herself?! *Gasp* How dangerous!” That’s the general reaction I received when I told people what I wanted to do with my long 4th of July weekend. But camping in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is something I’ve always wanted […]