Travel Theme: Short

This week’s Travel Theme is all about things that are SHORT. While searching through my photos I realized the majority of them were of things that are tall or extraordinarily large so I’ll stick to the theme and keep this post short by only sharing a few. Short […]

Travel Theme: Connections

This week’s Travel Theme, and my first Travel Theme post, is Connections. Family Connections: My very lucky family in Barcelona (2011) Literal Travel Connection: Tower Bridge in London (2009) Best Friend Connection: Sam – > Me -> Lindsay in Paris (2013) Historical Connection: Sharing a rare birthday with someone […]

The ‘Take 12 Trips’ Challenge

In 2013, I have been making an effort to travel more and and try new things.  It started with an impromptu trip to New Orleans the first week of January and escalated to a two-week adventure in Europe and the beginnings of this blog. Although I’ve traveled more miles […]

Canine Spontaneous Pneumothorax and Bullae

Today I’m going to stray from my usual topic of travel and instead share the story of my dog Audi and our experience with spontaneous pneumothorax, bullae, surgery and what came next. We’ve spent the past few weeks going through tests, x-rays and surgery without any clear answers […]

I’m Moving to Chicago! | Suitcasey

I can finally and officially announce that I am moving to Chicago at the end of August! I graduated from Michigan State University and have been working and living in East Lansing ever since.  Over time, all of my close friends have moved away and I was left […]