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Moving to Minnesota | MPLS Diaries

I never thought I’d say this but…I moved to Minnesota! The land of 10,000 lakes and Kirk Cousins. I love Chicago and I’ve had the most amazing time living and growing there for the past 5+ years but lately I’ve been looking for a change. My job had become unfulfilling […]

Playing Paintball for the First Time

I try to live an up-for-anything lifestyle but when I was invited by some coworkers to play paintball my first thought was, “Voluntarily feel pain for recreational purposes? No thanks.” But not wanting to condemn something before I’d tried it, I reluctantly said yes and spent the following days in silent panic.

Take 12 Trips: January

Well, another month has gone by and I feel like I haven’t had a moment to catch my breath. I’ve had a lot of new experiences but I didn’t actually take a proper trip. Again. So, like November, this month is going to be all about my mini-trips and what […]

Giving Thanks | Suitcasey

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and inspired by my roommate and nonbiological sister, Sarah The Half Dietitian Half Human, I’m dedicating a blog entry to the things that I am thankful for. I’m limiting my list to five because when I attempted to make it longer I ended up with […]

Canine Spontaneous Pneumothorax and Bullae

Today I’m going to stray from my usual topic of travel and instead share the story of my dog Audi and our experience with spontaneous pneumothorax, bullae, surgery and what came next. We’ve spent the past few weeks going through tests, x-rays and surgery without any clear answers […]

I’m Moving to Chicago! | Suitcasey

I can finally and officially announce that I am moving to Chicago at the end of August! I graduated from Michigan State University and have been working and living in East Lansing ever since.  Over time, all of my close friends have moved away and I was left […]

Wanderlust: How I Caught It

Wanderlust: the strong longing for or impulse toward wandering. Oh yes, I got me some of that going on. What better way to kick-off this blog than by starting from the beginning. The turning point in my life that created the travel junkie that stands…well, sits…before you.