Week 3: Bay St Louis, Mississippi

It’s our third week working remote from Bay St Louis, Mississippi. I’ll keep the intro short, you all know the drill. Here’s what we got up to in week 3!

Pulled apart my first crawfish.

Louisiana and Mississippi are known for their crawfish. We’ve seen them on the menu at most restaurants and they even put them in their cornbread down here! We finally ordered some and after subtly studying how everyone in the restaurant pulled apart their crawfish, I finally gave it a try. It’s messy but they are delicious!

Took our cat to the beach.

Our Airbnb host needed to stop by for a little while so we decided to get everyone out of the house but taking a trip to the beach. We kept the cat on her harness and in the trunk of the Jeep and I think her mind was blown by all of the seagulls.

Rented bikes and rode to Buccaneer State Park.

Saturday was a little cooler and overcast, so we rented bikes from Bodega Adventure Rentals and Sales. It’s a little over 6-miles along the coast to reach Buccaneer State Park from downtown Bay St Louis. We saw three bald eagles on our way!

The state park is mostly made up of campsites and a waterpark that was under construction, but we found a short nature trail to stretch our legs at before riding back to town.

Had the best meal of the trip at Trapani’s Eatery.

Someone recommended Trapani’s to us on our very first day in town. It took us a few weeks but we finally stopped by for dinner and it was the best meal we’ve had so far! The spinach artichoke dip comes with fried bowtie pastas for dipping! And the ahi tuna nachos were even better than what we had in Hawaii. We’re already planning on going back one more time before we head back north.

Week 4 will be our last week in Mississippi :( It went by so fast!


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