Week 1: Bay St Louis, Mississippi

Today marks my first full week of working remote from Bay St Louis, Mississippi. The weather has been mild, right around 70 degrees most days and cooler at night but the sunshine and being able to walk my dog whenever I want is the best. It’s the simple things that make me happy.

Our first meal was an amazing breakfast at Butter Cup on Second Street. Three different kinds of french toast made with banana bread, blueberry bread and orange cranberry bread. My heaven.

We’ve also eaten a TON of seafood and had more daiquiris than I care to admit.

Audi remembered her last time at the beach and didn’t try to drink the salt water this time.

And Javi is living her best life on the screened-in porch and looking out all the windows.

Bay St Louis is super cute. I get a lot of New Orleans-vibes with all of the bars, live music and lack of open container laws. Such a fun change of pace from what we are used to!


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