Queen’s Bath | Kauai

Queen’s Bath is a tide pool located on the north shore of the island of Kauai in Hawaii. There is a small parking lot at the trailhead and it’s a short but steep hike down to the shore. A sign at the base of the trail warns visitors of how dangerous the rocks can be. I read that approximately 30 people have died at Queen’s Bath.

On calmer days, people swim out into the pool but after seeing how randomly a rogue wave can come in I personally think it sounds like a terrible idea.

Here’s what it can look like on a calmer day:

Photo source: Unsplash

The surf was really high on the day we visited (which is typical in the winter months), so we kept a safe distance from the water and just enjoyed watching the waves crash.

This was just the first stop of many throughout our week in Kauai. Stay tuned to see the other unique places we visited! Hint: there will be a lot of waterfalls.


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