Kauai | A dream vacation

Up until recently, Hawaii has always seemed like a wildest-dreams type of destination, one that you talk about but that doesn’t quite seem attainable. But since I’ve now reached the finically stable years of my thirties and by some miracle Delta Airlines offers direct flights from Minneapolis to Honolulu—suddenly it became a real possibility. So to celebrate my 34th birthday, my boyfriend and I booked a week-long vacation to Hawaii.

We chose the island of Kauai because it is a hiker’s paradise. It has beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, plus there’s tons of amazing food and it’s a lot less crowded than some of the other Hawaiian Islands.

I planned out a 5-day itinerary centered around hiking that gave us the opportunity to see the natural wonders of the island. I’ll be sharing detailed posts about everything we saw but I wanted to kick it off with some of the highlights!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more about Kauai!


3 thoughts on “Kauai | A dream vacation

  1. Taking a trip to Hawaii sounds like an amazing way to celebrate your birthday. The landscape in Kauai looks stunning. Looking forward to hearing more about the hiking trails. We visited Maui a few years ago and wish we could have stayed longer to explore some of the other islands. There never seems to be enough time (or vacation days).

    1. Yes! We felt the same way. I wish we had enough time to explore every island! I would have loved to visit a volcano. Not something we get to see everyday in Minnesota haha Thanks for your comment :)

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