My Year in Photos 2021

As I sit down to reminisce about the past year, I can’t help but have a mini-out-of-body experience. Like many people these days, I feel like the past few years have melded together into one long, never-ending timeline. But I also look back at all the things I was able to accomplish in 2021 and think, “Did I really do THIS MUCH in just one year?! How is that possible?” I guess the answer would be remote work. haha

I moved to South Carolina for 4 months. I visited Arizona, North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, Florida and northern Michigan. I saw friends and family and filled the year with a ton of memories. Let’s take a look at the highlights:


I rang in the new year from a hotel room in Cheboygan, Michigan. On January 1st, we hopped the ferry over to Mackinac Island and did a very snowy hike around the state park.


Our lease in Minnesota ended and we made the bold decision to sell or store most of our belongings. We found an Airbnb in Beaufort, South Carolina that we would call home for the next couple months.


In March, we continued to live the sweet life in South Carolina. One of the highlights included a day trip to Savannah, Georgia.


Our time in Beaufort was up and we just weren’t ready to go back north so we found another airbnb in Surfside Beach, just outside of Myrtle Beach.


It was finally time to say goodbye to South Carolina. We sadly packed up the Jeep with our cat and dog and made the voyage north.


Back in Minnesota and back on our mission to visit every State Park.


Every year over the Fourth of July we take a roadtrip. This year we went back into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and had an epic week camping along the coast of Lake Superior with stops in the Porcupine Mountains, Marquette, Tahquamenon Falls and Sault Saint Marie.


In August, we found ourselves in St. Louis.


One of my favorite trips of the year was to Sedona, Arizona. We hiked all over Sedona and took a day trip up to the Grand Canyon.

I also have to shoutout to my dad for finishing 2nd in the 2021 U.S. Senior Amateur!


Don’t invite us to South Carolina, because we will show up. In October, we went back to South Carolina for a wedding and then went north for another wedding in North Carolina.


With fall in full swing in Minnesota, we revisited Frontenac State Park.


To end the year, we went way up north and then way down south. First to Duluth, Minnesota to see the Christmas lights at Bentlyville and then we rang in the new year in Florida.


7 thoughts on “My Year in Photos 2021

  1. What a wonderful collection of amazing photos. Looks like you had a marvellous year filled with many adventures, despite the ongoing pandemic crises. Savannah looks quite dreamy and so does Sedona with its red rock canyons. Thanks for sharing and have a good day :) Aiva

  2. Unbelievable how much traveling you’ve done. The pictures you have chosen to share are priceless. Can’t wait to see what’s up for 2022…

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