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This past weekend, I visited St. Louis, Missouri for a wedding. I’ve been to St. Louis once before over 10 years ago while traveling for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as a college cheerleader. This time I was able to spend a few days taking in the sites with my boyfriend Glenn who used to live in St. Louis a few years B.C….that’s “Before Casey.”

Our first stop was the iconic Gateway Arch. We didn’t ride to the top of the arch because someone in our group is afraid of heights (let’s just say it isn’t me) but we did walk through the museum under the arch. We learned all about the history of the area. Most people know that the Arch represents the western expansion of the United States but you may not know that the arch is exactly as wide as it is tall. 630 ft x 630 ft.

After exploring the Arch, we walked to Broadway Oyster Bar, or the B.O.B., for some New Orleans-style grub. We ordered a variety of grilled oysters and I tried fried alligator of the first time! If you’ve never had fried alligator, I can report back that it tastes exactly how you would imagine.

Our next stop was the Soulard neighborhood. It’s known for it’s bars, blues scene and annual Mardi Gras parade. We hung out at John D. McGurk’s which is considered one of the best bars in the country. We enjoyed some adult beverages before heading off to the pre-wedding festivities for the night.

The next day we explored Forest Park. It’s one of the biggest parks in the country, with two golf courses, a zoo, a few museums and so much more. It was a super hot day but we walked around for a few hours and cooled down at the art museum.

From there, it was time to celebrate and dance the night away before hopping the short flight home to Minnesota.



7 thoughts on “Meet me in St. Louis | Suitcasey

    1. Agreed!! It’s construction is incredible. Apparently, the left and right halves were assembled separately and if they had been off by even a few inches, it wouldn’t have joined together at the top. Seems risky haha Thanks for stopping by! – Casey

  1. The views from the top of the tallest monument in the United States must be nothing short of amazing, but given its tallness, I would most likely avoid it as I am terrified of heights! Thanks for sharing and have a good day, Casey :) Aiva xxx

    1. haha exactly! And I heard that the elevator to the stop is extremely small and cramped. You have to sit the whole time because it isn’t tall enough to stand in. No thank you!! Thanks for stopping by Aiva!

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