Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

Exactly one year ago, we stopped at the Porcupine Mountains for a few minutes on our way to Copper Harbor. This time, we came back to do it all! The Porkies were the second stop on a 10-day roadtrip along the southern shore of Lake Superior.

Our campsite was at the White Pine Extension Outpost. The sites are rustic and because we were there on a weekday, not all of them were filled.

There’s really no cell service throughout the park so you’ll want to check in at the park office for a map. It was also very hot and they let us know that all water in the park in drinkable with the proper filtration.

Presque Isle River

After we were settled at the campground, we drove back to the Presque Isle River area. You can see THREE big waterfalls if you hike along the river.

Even though we hiked after 6PM, it was still super hot that day but we made it through and slept very well that night!

Lake of the Clouds

The next day, we drove over to the Lake of the Clouds overlook and began the Escarpment Trail hike. You hike up above the lake and the views are incredible.

But once again, it was extremely hot. We turned back at about the halfway point and descended down to the lakeshore so Audi could have a swim and a drink.

We returned to the campsite and fired up a giant breakfast of bacon, eggs and potatoes on the cast iron.

Summit Peak

After that, we took it a little easier because of the heat and went to Summit Peak. At 1,958 feet tall, Summit Peak is the highest point in the park and it’s only a half mile, mostly boardwalk trail to the viewing tower.

We were pretty sweaty and hot from all of the hikes so we decided to end our day with a dip in Lake Superior to cool off followed by some ice cream from the Outpost Store. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

Up next, we make our way to Marquette, Michigan where we do even more hiking but this time with the comforts of a Quality Inn hotel. But that’s for next time!


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