Our last week in Beaufort, SC

Hi friends. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve given an update and that’s because we were on the move. Our time in Beaufort flew by. When we moved down south we didn’t know how much longer we’d be working from home and we’ve since learned that it will most likely be through the summer. So we’ve extended our stay and moved further up the coast of South Carolina.

But before I get into our new location, I have to wrap up our time in Beaufort. We went BIG during our last week and here are some of the amazing things we experienced!

Cast Away Fishing Charter

If you followed my blog last summer, you may have read about how I’ve been teaching my boyfriend Glenn to fish. We had a little success in the lakes of Minnesota but neither of us has ever been fishing in salt water.

We booked a 4-hour private charter for Saturday morning through Cast Away Fishing Charters. The extra exciting part about the package was that it was in partnership with a local restaurant. Whatever you catch, they’ll cook up for you.

This time of year isn’t great for fishing because the water is still pretty cold but Captain Kevin took us through the intercostal waterways to spots he has been fishing his whole life. We caught black drum, redfish and sting rays! Needless to say, I caught the most fish. :) Plus, we saw a ton of dolphins along the way.

Hwy 21 Drive In Movie Theatre

I’ve heard stories of back in the day when families or friends would pile into their car (and usually the trunk) to go see a drive in movie and I finally had the opportunity to visit one myself.

Quality photography, Casey.

Just 15 minutes outside of Beaufort is the Hwy 21 Drive In Movie Theatre. They have two screens, one for family-friendly movies and one for adults only. Each screen offers a double feature for just $7 per person. You can’t beat it!

It was a hot night and there were lots of mosquitos but we brought bug spray and had an amazing time. My dog Audi even got to join, although I don’t think she watched a single minute of the movie.


Blacksheep is hands down the best dining experience in Beaufort. There are only two employees, the owner/chef and the GM, and they set a menu of about 7 times and run it for two weeks. For a set price per person (it was $40 the night we visited), you get three items so it’s highly encouraged for each person in your group to order different things and try them all. You get what you get and let me tell you, everything you get is to-die-for. You can taste the love he puts into each dish.

My three favorite dished are Not pictured below because we ate them too quickly but everything was amazing.

If you are in Beaufort and you like good food, Blacksheep is an ABSOLUTE MUST. You know I’m serious because I’m bolding and using all caps. Be sure to plan ahead, reservations book up fast and because of the pandemic they only have a few tables. You will not be disappointed!

Maynard’s Ice Cream & Cafe

Another food gem we finally got to try in our last week was Maynard’s Ice Cream & Cafe in Port Royal. In our two months here this place was literally never open but by some miracle we hit them on the right day. The donuts were some of the most gourmet and delicious I’ve ever had…and I’ve tried a lot of donuts.

I was so sad to say goodbye to Beaufort. It’s a sleepy waterfront town, packed with American history and amazing restaurants. It’s a short to drive to the ocean and the coolest State Park or a day trip to Charleston and Savannah. It’s crazy how little we knew about this town when we picked it and now it feels like home.

At the moment, I’m writing this post from our oceanside community just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC. It is a completely different vibe from Beaufort and I look forward to sharing more with you guys!

Until next time. xoxo


4 thoughts on “Our last week in Beaufort, SC

  1. I’ve never heard about Beaufort and had to use Google to look it up. Now I know that it is named the “Most Romantic City” in South Carolina with oodles to see and do. Would love to visit one day and see the Hunting Island Lighthouse. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva :)

    1. Yes! I had no idea how special Beaufort was. There is something for everyone and it’s a lot more chill than if you go to a bigger city like Charleston or Savannah. Thanks for reading :) Have an awesome day!

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