Hiking Near Beaufort | Altamaha Town Heritage Preserve

It was a rainy and chilly weekend here in South Carolina but there was a brief moment on Saturday morning when the sun decided to make an appearance. We made the most of it by looking for some short hikes near Beaufort.

The Altamaha Town Heritage Preserve is located midway between Beaufort and Bluffton, South Carolina. It is 100-acres of protected land to preserve the remnants of a village as well as a graveyard.

According to the Beaufort government website, “The Preserve’s greatest attribute is its ability to provide archaeological data that has direct bearing on interpretation of the effects of European contact on Native Americans. Important questions regarding the effects of acculturation and migration upon late 17th and early 18th Century Native American life can be answered from data resting just beneath the ground.

It is an easy 0.8 mile hike to reach the picnic area on the Okatie River.

Look to the left when you first start walking and you will see the cemetery sprawled out in the woods just off of the trail.

I wasn’t planning on taking pictures or doing a blog post on this, but the views just kept getting better as we walked further into the preserve.

You can’t tell from these photos, but the weather was truly terrible most of the weekend. I think the sun came out just for us to enjoy this place.

Obviously I had to climb on this fallen tree. And this is the only photo of ME from the hike :)

The rest of the weekend we mostly just watched March Madness and hunkered down inside. Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate! What did you get up to this weekend?


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