Cypress Wetlands | Port Royal,SC

The Cypress Wetlands are a perfect spot to experience nature right in Port Royal, South Carolina. I’m not going to lie to you folks, I found this place because I was actually going out to get breakfast at The Cracked Egg which bumps right up to the wetlands. I could see it while I was eating French toast on the patio and decided to walk around.

We learned all about cypress trees (pictured above) and their “knees” on our visit to Congaree National Park back in October.

It is only about a half mile boardwalk loop but along the way we saw a large variety of birds and spotted some alligators on their morning commute.

As a mid-westerner I’m easily impressed and excited by alligators. I’m sure there is something that is native to Michigan or Minnesota that would excite Southerners. Bears? Wolves? Moose? Well, I guess all of those would all excite me too haha


5 thoughts on “Cypress Wetlands | Port Royal,SC

    1. Oh my goodness – thank you so much, Aiva! You have just made my whole day. I’m so excited to get to work on my post and keep spreading the blogger appreciation. :)

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