Driftwood Beach | Edisto Island, South Carolina

Driftwood Beach on Botany Bay is one of the most untouched and remote beaches in South Carolina. It’s a part of the Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve and Wildlife Management Area and has been strictly preserved to save the nesting area of endangered birds. For that reason, dogs are not allowed on the beach, which I understand but was still a slight disappointment.

The drive to reach the parking area takes you along a dirt road covered by a canopy of tall trees. It’s an easy, short and accessible walk on a dirt bridge through the marshlands to reach the beach. The bridge had to be rebuilt after Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and much of the beach was washed away. That’s why you can see some oak trees standing in the water.

The beach is densely packed with driftwood and covered in sea shells (neither of which are you allowed to remove, so don’t touch!).

We spent a short time taking in the beauty but had to head back to the dog in the car. If you are staying in Charleston or Beaufort, Driftwood Beach would make the perfect day trip.


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