I’m moving to South Carolina!?

Well, sort of. We are leaving Minnesota for South Carolina…but only temporarily. The lease on our apartment is up at the end of January and my partner Glenn and I decided to seize this opportunity to work from anywhere while our offices are still closed due to the pandemic. I’ve somehow survived 10 months of working from the small kitchen table that sits in our entryway/kitchen/living room. And Glenn has had it even worse, spending most of the year sitting on the edge of the bed with his laptop on the bedside table. It’s time to reward ourselves with a break. A break from Minnesota, a break from the coldest days of winter and most importantly, a break from the confines of our 700 sq ft apartment.

We sold a large chunk of our furniture and are putting the rest in storage. In about a week, we’ll be packing up the Jeep with the things we need for the trip: clothes, pet beds, golf clubs (you know, the essentials) and hitting the road to a 3-bedroom AirBnb in Beaufort, SC for the next two months. We looked long and hard for a place that gave us what we needed. Space.

I’ve always been a Midwestern gal so it’s a dream come true to test out living in a different part of the country. Prepare yourselves for a whole bunch of Southern content.


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