My Year in Photos 2020

Like so many others, a large chunk of my year looked like the above photo. On the couch with the pets, watching every show ever filmed. But somehow I was also able to have some amazing experiences outside of my 1-bedroom apartment. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with a photo roundup of some of the biggest moments.

January: Adopting our cat.

Meeting Mojave or “Javi” our 1-year old rescue cat.

February: Starting my new job.

I was extremely fortunate to find employment right before the pandemic hit. As I’m looking at the photos I took of my outfits all I can think is, “Who is this person? I hardly recognize her.” I had long hair with bangs and I actually styled it. Plus, I haven’t worn makeup or real pants in 10 months.

March: Lockdown.

On March 13 I began working from home for what I thought would be a few weeks. The animals didn’t understand this development but they definitely appreciated all of the extra attention.

April: Slowly losing it in quarantine.

Well, lockdown lasted longer than a few weeks and in April my boyfriend Glenn and I entered our bread-baking and buying-weird-things-on the-internet phase.

May: Minneapolis Unrest and Our First Road Trip

One of the most intense nights of my life as I watched the city burn from my balcony.

In May, we finally felt comfortable enough to get out of the apartment and took a day trip to Duluth and a number of state parks on a road trip that would kick off our state park addiction the rest of the summer.

June: Monson Lake State Park

Minnesota finally opens up campgrounds and we head to Monson Lake and Sibley State Parks.

July: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Minnesota’s North Shore

Two of our most epic road trips of the summer happened in July. We explored all along Minnesota’s North Shore and spent July 4th in Copper Harbor, MI.

August: Red Wing, MN

We took a very spontaneous trip to Red Wing, Minnesota and stumbled upon the beautiful Frontenac State Park.

September: Blue Mounds State Park & South Dakota

Over Labor Day Weekend, we changed things up and went west where the buffalo roam in South Dakota and Blue Mounds State Park.

October: Hikin’ Some Bluffs & South Carolina

As the leaves began to change, we hit up three of the coolest State Parks in southern Minnesota and climbed to new heights on the bluffs.

By October, small gatherings were allowed in some states. We found ourselves at Congaree National Park while in South Carolina for a wedding. I have to include this one because **hint hint** South Carolina may be making another appearance in my life in the very near future.

November: St Croix State Park

Autumn had fully settled over Minnesota but we took advantage of the last few weeks of decent weather to explore Minnesota’s largest state park along the St. Croix River.

December: Mackinac Island

After spending Christmas in Michigan, we took the northern route home and stopped at Mackinac Island to ring in the new year.

I’ll hang onto these memories of the adventures that got me through and let that carry me into the new year. Goodbye 2020. You will go down in infamy.


6 thoughts on “My Year in Photos 2020

  1. I’m glad to hear that despite the pandemic crisis you were able to go on a few trips. Ireland is back in lockdown again and we spend our days within four walls. Can’t wait for situation to improve. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    1. We were very lucky to be able to drive to nearby parks and checking them off of our list gave us a sense of purpose this summer! I hope things open up for you really soon. Stay well, Aiva!

    1. Aww thank you! Because of the pandemic we mostly stuck to road trips but I think we went to around 30 State Parks! Thanks for stopping by! Javi says hello :)

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