Historical Crow Wing State Park | Minnesota Camping

Back with another quick camping recap! This is turning into a camping blog and I’m not that mad about it. I think exploring your own state or city is an important part of travel. Not everyone can afford to travel the world all the time and we have to appreciate the places we are able to visit or we’ll never be satisfied, always wishing our lives were like those we see on Instagram.

View from Chippewa Lookout

Last weekend, Glenn and I took another short camping trip this time up to Central Minnesota. Crow Wing State Park was about a two hour drive from Minneapolis. It is located where the Mississippi River and Crow Wing River meet and is the site of Old Crow Wing, “one of the most populous towns in Minnesota in the 1850s and 1860s”.

There are Native American and European trader ties to the area due to the ease of access via the two rivers. There isn’t much physical evidence left of the village but there is plenty of signage calling out various buildings and roads that once existed. The park was preserved in 1959 and is an extremely beautiful and peaceful place to visit. You can’t help but feel the history and imagine yourself in an ox-wagon as you walk the trails.


We set up camp for the night in the state park campground just steps from the Mississippi River. There was a good mix of sites with electrical hookups and those for tent campers like us. Between the three of us (two humans and a dog) we kept warm and cozy in the tent despite temperatures dipping into the high 40s.

Campsite #31

The park has a number of hiking trails and points-of-interest. You can also access Paul Bunyan State Trail or the Mississippi River Trail if you’re up for a long bike ride. All-in-all in was a very well-kept state park and I’d highly recommend checking it out especially for it’s unique history that you won’t find anywhere else!


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