11-day Vanlife Experiment

Photo credit: Voyager Campervans

If you’re into following travel accounts on social media (you’re following this blog, so I’m assuming you are somewhat familiar) you may have noticed the trend of people living in vans. It’s known as #Vanlife. Vanlifers live out of camper vans or vehicles that have been converted into campers instead of traditional homes like apartments and houses. There’s lots of positives and negatives to this. Positives are that you can move your “home” and live literally anywhere you want and you also save a lot of money on living expenses. Some negatives would be the lack of basic amenities and space.

My boyfriend and I have been fascinated with Vanlife for years. It’s the instagram posts we tag each other in and the life we daydreamed about but most likely would never actually attempt. That is until I stumbled across some camper van rentals in the Minneapolis area. No reason to keep daydreaming and no excuses to not try out the van lifestyle right now!

Photo credit: Voyager Campervans

So in ONE WEEK, Glenn (the boyfriend), Audi (the dog) and yours truly will embark on an 11-day Vanlife experiment. We have our route mapped out and will head west to check off some bucket list items in the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana which include but are not limited to the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Grand Teton, Yellowstone and the World’s Only Corn Palace.

Stay tuned if you’re interested in hearing how this experiment goes or if you’re just curious to know if we all survive! Above are photos of the actual van we are renting and I’ll be posting daily Instagram stories as well, give me a follow at @cguntho.

Wish us luck!


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