Lake Nokomis, WI | Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, I was craving a weekend getaway from the city.  It was too cold to go camping so we looked at a few different websites for cabin rentals in Wisconsin and Michigan. We ended up using to book a small cabin on Lake Nokimos in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. It was a fairly long drive from Chicago (5+  hours) but it had everything I was looking for. It was tiny, right on the water, with a fire pit and access to boats and canoes.


The weather was perfect for fall. 40s, sunny and not a stitch of wind, but most of the cottages and houses on the lake had already been abandoned for the winter. We saw one fishing boat with a man and his dog and other than that we didn’t see another soul the entire weekend.

There was a small island in the middle of bay that we really wanted to check out so we bravely boarded the canoe with my dog Audi. We did a little more rocking than we would have on our own but for her first time in a canoe she did great, and we didn’t end up in the water so everyone was happy.


We tied up the canoe along the shore of the island and set off to explore. It was packed with trees and had hardly any trace of humanity. We checked out every corner while Audi ran through leaves and got covered in twigs and burrs, having the time other life.

That night, we kept warm next to the fire pit and watched an epic sunset. The sky was  reflected on the smooth surface of the lake so perfectly that if you flipped the world upside down it would’ve looked exactly the same.



DSC00328 copy

A snow storm hit on our last day so we packed up our things and headed back to Chicago before the roads could get too bad. It was a quick trip but I’m so glad we went all in on something we’ve never done before. Isolation in nature is a great way to escape the noise of the world, clear your head and bring fresh perspective to your life.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

What did you get up to this weekend?


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