Quick Stop in Charleston, SC

Well, we’ve reached the middle of the NFL season (have I ever mentioned that I work in the NFL? Well, now I have). This year I wanted to be sure to use our Bye Week wisely, so I took a quick trip down to Charleston to visit one of my good friends. It was my first time in Charleston, and I thought I would share some quick highlights with you all!


Ravenel Bridge

If you’ve ever looked at a map of Charleston, you may have noticed a lot of water (duh) , and water means that there are a lot of bridges (duh, again), the most prominent being the Ravenel Bridge. A massive cable-stayed construction, the Ravenel Bridge connects downtown to Mt Pleasant. We walked up the 2.5 mile bridge in the pedestrian lane and were rewarded with 180 degree views that include downtown Charleston and the aircraft carrier at the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum.


Pearlz Oyster Bar

The food in Charleston was incredible, but if I had to choose by favorite stop, it’d be Pearlz Oyster Bar. Their website describes it as “a fun, eclectic restaurant serving the very best in fresh seafood, including an assorted mix of raw shellfish, local seafood, Lowcountry recipes and regional favorites.” We enjoyed the oysters, which were much larger and obviously more fresh than the ones I’ve had in Chicago. If you sit at the counter, you can watched them shuck the oysters and immediately place them on your plate!


Folly Beach

Folly Beach

As someone from Michigan and now Chicago, going to the beach in November is a huge deal to me. We visited Folly Beach and it was a gorgeous 79 degrees, but it was also November 4th so the beach was not crowded. We soaked in the sun and walked along the water looking for shells and shark teeth.

I can’t wait to visit Charleston again, and will definitely need to dive deeper into the historic sites. Let me know if you’ve ever been and where I should go the next time I visit my Charleston friends!




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