I’m Moving to Chicago! | Suitcasey

I can finally and officially announce that I am moving to Chicago at the end of August!

I graduated from Michigan State University and have been working and living in East Lansing ever since.  Over time, all of my close friends have moved away and I was left wondering what the future held and when my turn would come.  And then I received a text from Sarah, the Half Dietitian Half Human herself. She was going to need a roommate at the end of the summer.


Up until then, I had only been coming up with reasons not to move. I couldn’t move until I had a job. I couldn’t find a job until I knew exactly where I wanted to move. I couldn’t decide where to move until I knew someone in the city.  I was waiting and waiting for someone or something to push me in the direction I should go.

I still have all of these doubts running through my mind but I’ve decided to not let the things I don’t know stop me because there are enough things I’m certain of.  I have a place to live. I have my best friend to live with. I’m ready to take a chance and make a change. The rest will come.

So I’m packing up my dog and relocating just a few hours south on an endeavor to establish roots in a place other than where I grew up. I’ll basically be a tourist in my own city and I couldn’t be more excited!

Does anyone have experience relocating to a big city? Any tips or advice? Please leave a comment and let me know! Restaurant and dog-friendly activity suggestions are most welcome.


4 thoughts on “I’m Moving to Chicago! | Suitcasey

  1. I moved away from home the day I sat my final exam for university. I have never looked back. 4 cities, 2 contents and 3 countries later. I LOVE Chicago. Welcome & enjoy. Chicago is a super friendly dog city. You will have a blast.

    1. Thank you! I have already fallen in love with Chicago. I hope to call a few countries/continents home in the future as well! Your blog is very beautiful and inspirational. I’m glad to have crossed internet paths with you!

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