Girls Trip to Europe Countdown: 10 Days

My two best friends and I are leaving for our European adventure in 10 days! If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ve heard mention of Sam and Lindsay.

Suitcasey Passport

A Brief History of the Casey, Lindsay and Sam Travels

As a trio, we have taken numerous road trips and gone on a cruise. Lindsay and I went to New Orleans together and Sam and I studied abroad in the United Kingdom. Also, we were all Michigan State cheerleaders and traveled together a few times as part of the team.

Why We’re Going to Europe

Well, our wanderlust has escalated, our big-girl jobs are starting to pay off and our trips have grown more and more adventurous. Lindsay has an amazing opportunity to attend a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark and all she had to do was ask to get Sam and I on board.

What Our Trip Looks Like Right Now

We decided to hit up a few places before Lindsay’s conference starts. Our decision making process went something like this: None of us have been to Paris. Let’s do it. Lindsay has a friend in Amsterdam. Perfect, it’s on our way. End up in Copenhagen for a few days and boom, trip planned.

At this point, we have all of our flights and hotels booked and an idea of some must-see things in each city but we are mostly going to wing it. We are all fond of walking and wandering and making memories out of being our awesome selves.

I’ll be away a total of 12 days, spending about 4 days in each city. I’m not looking forward to lugging around 12 days worth of clothes the entire time so I plan on packing light. And packing is the next thing on my to-do list.

Any suggestions for things we can’t miss in Paris, Amsterdam or Copenhagen?


Posts on Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen are now up!


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